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Conditions of Use


Parties to the agreement.
“Buyer” is used about the physical entity who chiefly shops non-commercially, and who on issue of an order to Danmarks Distributionen ApS issues an offer on the purchase and supply of particular goods.

Danmarks Distributionen ApS is used in the following both about the physical or legal entity who on confirmation of order accepts the Buyer’s order and sells the ordered goods, and about the website on and from which the goods are displayed and ordered.

Product information

The key properties of the product are given on Danmarks Distributionen ApS; for further details or queries concerning existing information an e-mail may be sent to Danmarks Distributionen ApS via info@dk-distribution.dk


All prices are daily prices and only apply to the day of the order. Thus changes in price may occur.
All stated prices include Danish VAT at 25%.


Presentation of goods together with a price on Danmarks Distributionen ApS does not represent a binding offer, but only an invitation to make an offer.
The Buyer’s order of goods from Danmarks Distributionen ApS does not constitute a binding acceptance, but rather a binding offer to Danmarks Distributionen ApS to purchase the good under the given terms.
A binding agreement between Buyer and Danmarks Distributionen ApS is first entered into when Danmarks Distributionen ApS upon issuing confirmation of order accepts the offer made by the Buyer.


The account information you enter upon purchase of goods is sent directly to PBS in encrypted form (Secure Sockets Layer) and which only you and PBS may read. Thus no other party sees or stores information about you. In the event of purchase by Dankort or credit card the amount is deducted from your account as soon as the good is dispatched by Danmarks Distributionen ApS.

Risk of accidental loss or deterioration

At that point in time the ordered goods come into the possession of the Buyer, the risk that the ordered goods are lost or are damaged owing to accidental circumstances goes over to the Buyer.


Danmarks Distributionen ApS provides according to the terms of the Sale of Goods Act a 2-year right of complaint from the date of the packing slip for manufacture and material defects (flaws). This right of complaint does not extend to defects, damage or wear which arises directly or indirectly from improper usage, poor maintenance, rough handling or unauthorized tampering.
In the event of complaint, the packing slip shall be presented to Danmarks Distributionen ApS.
Any complaint concerning defects of products supplied shall be made within reasonable time to Danmarks Distributionen ApS after the Buyer has or should have discovered them. Otherwise the Buyer loses his right to cite the defect.

You are asked to state and if requested show the nature of the defect.

Exclusion of liability and guarantee

Danmarks Distributionen ApS has made it easy for you to get relevant information from other websites through links. Note that these websites are outside Danmarks Distributionen ApS’s sphere of control. Therefore we cannot in any way be made responsible for the content of these websites.
Information about the ordered goods from such websites is not included in the description of the ordered goods in the agreement between Buyer and Danmarks Distributionen ApS.
The Seller is not liable for damages for direct or indirect loss as a result of the ordered goods arriving too late at the Buyer, or that the ordered goods suffer from defects when the delay or defects are caused by Buyer action or failure, or circumstances which lie outside Danmarks Distributionen ApS’s control, such as war, insurrection, unrest, fire, governmental intervention, confiscation, exchange controls, trade disputes of any kind, including strike and lockout or similar.
Danmarks Distributionen ApS issues no separate guarantee for the ordered goods and the Buyer only receives the guarantees which the producer provides to the Buyer.

Right to cancellation

If the Customer informs Danmarks Distributionen ApS that the Customer has regretted his purchase within 14 days of delivery, Danmarks Distributionen ApS would under normal circumstances repay the sum received. As the goods are free of charge and only mailing is paid for, the Buyer will not be able to receive a refund.

Goods returned without carriage paid or cash on delivery will not be accepted. Should you wish to return the product please use Post Danmark. Do not use other package delivery firms. Please send the product well packaged together with a copy of the packing slip. Please also clearly state that you wish to make use of the right to cancellation.
You can also cancel your purchase by declining receipt of the mailing.
These returns stipulations apply to all goods sold as remote sales to private persons. They do not apply to goods sold to businesses.

The right to make changes

Danmarks Distributionen ApS reserves the right to amend and update the rules and conditions which apply to this website. For this reason it is important that you keep yourself abreast of any changes that may have been made.

Delivery times

Unless otherwise stated for the product in question the expected delivery time is within 30 days.


Misuse of Danmarks Distributionen ApS will be reported to the police.


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